Greensburg YMCA Gymnastics

We are extremely fortunate to have a separate facility for gymnastics, allowing us to keep equipment set up year round. Jennifer Jubec, Gymnastics Coordinator and Kari Harkins, Head Coach, bring tremendous knowledge and expertise to our gymnastics program here at the YMCA.


Gymnastics Classes:  Jennifer Jubec, Gymnastics Coordinator  or 724 834-1367.
Greensburg YMCA Aerials: Kari Harkins, Head Coach, or 724 834-1367.
Sports Director:  Shawn Rause,, 724-834-0150 ext. 113.


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Gymnastics Team

Class participants who have attained required skill levels will be invited to join the YMCA Aerials Gymnastics Team.  The competitive team is by invitation only.  Practices for levels 2-9 are held during the week and Saturdays, year-round, with meets held on weekends. See practice schedule above.

Participants must have a Greensburg YMCA membership to be on the competitive team. Youth or family memberships are available.  The team competes every year at the state and national level.

Contact Coach Kari Harkins or Lori Mertz at 724-834-1367 for more information about joining the team.


  • All Aerial team members are required to be a member of our Y in good standing
  • Level 2 $84 monthly
  • Level 3-9 $122 monthly
  • Pre-Team $40.50 monthly


The Greensburg YMCA has competitive opportunities for gymnasts that have reached the required skill level have been invited to participate on our Aerial Team. Every 8 years USA Gymnastics modifies the Women’s Junior Olympic program; 2013 is the start of new routines. Each compulsory level will have new and different routines and music.